What does my order status mean?

There are 5 progressive steps of an order status:

Step 1: Order Submitted

What this means: The order you created has been sent to us. One of our team members will review all of the details to make sure we have everything we need to move your job into the next phase.


Step 2: Awaiting Artwork Approval

What this means: This particular step can mean 1 of two things.

  1. If you submitted print ready artwork,  then our team is reviewing your file(s) to double check that it has been formatted properly for production. 
  2. If you requested artwork setup or need your project designed,  then in this step you would need to review the proof. To review the proof,  please go to the order tab within your dashboard and find the current order.  Go to notes section on the far right and click "view note". From there you will find instructions on how to review your proof. 

When your artwork has been approved by either our design team or by yourself,  it can then be moved into production. 


Step 3: In Production

What this means: Your order has now been moved into the production queue and will remain in this step until production and finishing have been completed. 


Step 4: Ready for Pickup or Shipment

What this means: Your order is now ready to be picked up at our facility or if you have requested it to be shipped then it has been packaged and dropped off at the shipment facility. 


Step 5: Completed

What this means: Once your order has been picked up or delivery of the shipment has been confirmed from the courier, your project will be marked as completed.

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