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Adhesive Decal

Cut only is the process of cutting out along the edge, or contour, of a line with no printing on the material.


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Product Description

Custom decals are great for the office, home, store, or business. Our decal material offers a wide variety of uses such as wall decals, labels, large adhesive signs, and stickers allowing you to quickly build your brand and make an impression.  Adhesive signs are the perfect way to advertise a business or provide a message intended for people within the viewing area to see. They can also be used to show off your logo, sports team, band, etc.

3M IJ35C Scotchcal is our house brand of adhesive decal material. This calendared decal material allows for easy application to flat or simple curves. Some decals will come with a backing. Most importantly this intermediate, the permanent vinyl film offers a consistent and reliable image quality.

Our decals can be cut into different shapes and sizes and make for a classic promotional tool. These decals can be used on a variety of surfaces making it easy and versatile for your individual need. Designed for indoor use, our decal material is printed directly to the white surface allowing for vibrant images and colors. Our custom decals can also be ordered with a white cut out only making for an alternative option. This material is available in single-sided only and masking will be applied if need. No text or graphics under 2".


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  • » Vibrant Color Output
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