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Truck DOT Numbers



Product Description

Product Description

Truck DOT numbers are required to be displayed on registered commercial vehicles by the US government. We, at Deadline Signs, understand the urgency and importance of getting this type of identification marker to you in a rush. That is why we have created this product as a quick way to buy. We offer 2 popular solutions for truck delivers or coordinators needing their DOT numbers FAST.

Option 1 - Adhesive Decal

If you need a permanent to semi-permanent solution, we recommend an adhesive decal. 3M IJ35C Scotchcal is our house brand of adhesive decal material. This calendared decal material allows for easy application to flat or simple curves. Most importantly this intermediate, the permanent vinyl film offers a consistent and reliable image quality.

Option 2 - Vehicle Magnet

If you are looking for something temporary or to coverup some existing decals that are already on your vehicle, then a vehicle magnet is the ideal solution for you. Our 30mil magnet material is durable, weather-resistant and requires little maintenance. Our magnets are made with a thicker material compared to our competitors to allow for a stronger and longer-lasting sign. We recommend removing and cleaning frequently.

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