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Aluminum Composite

Cut only is the process of cutting out along the edge, or contour, of a line with no printing on the material.

Product Description

Custom metal signs are great for offices, stores, reception areas and outdoor signs. The weather resistant material works great for a variety of uses including real estate signage. Our metal signs are made of Aluminum Composite (ACM). Our metal signs are durable and are rust free so it will stand up to weather elements. ACM can be used to mark property, give directions, and looks great for interior signage.

ACM is a polyethylene core with thin lightweight aluminum on both sides. This material is durable, and ideal for medium-term to long-term signs both indoor and outdoor. These signs can cut to different shapes and sizes. We can also include drilled holes for a variety of displaying options.

Please note: We do not carry 6 mil ACM in stock. It is a special order. Pricing and availability may vary. Please contact us before ordering.


  • » Outdoor Signage
  • » Construction Signs
  • » Real Estate Signs
  • » Menu Boards
  • » Directional Signs
  • » Office Signage
  • » Directional Signs


  • » Indoor/Outdoor
  • » Smooth Finish
  • » Durable
  • » Waterproof
  • » Durable
  • » Long Lasting
  • » Cut/Contour



3 Mil Aluminum Composite

This thinner material is commonly used interior signs and real estate signs while mainting its durability.

6 Mil Aluminum Composite

The thicker options is a great way to create dimensional signs adding thickness and creativity and works for great for outdoor sign displays.



Available in 3 mil and 6 mil


Polyethylene core with a thin lightweight aluminum sheet on both sides, Double Sided NOT available with 6 mil ACM, Cut Contour, Durable, Waterproof, Long Lasting, Rounded Corners Recommended

Print Method

Digital Printed with UV Ink, Full Color, High Quality Print available if requested, White ink NOT available

Estimated Life Span

With proper placement, care, storage 3 Mil ACM can last 5+ years and 6 Mil ACM could have a longer life span

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