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Cut only is the process of cutting out along the edge, or contour, of a line with no printing on the material.

Product Description

Acrylic is a longer-lasting, high-quality sign option for interior signage. Acrylic signs are an excellent choice for a simple yet beautiful sign for offices, home decorations, lobbies, or exhibit displays. These signs create a professional space while also providing information, branding, and direction.

Acrylic is a rigid material meant for indoor use and has a wide range of applications. We offer a variety of options including different thickness and white or clear options. The most popular way to display acrylic signs is mounted to a rigid surface such as a wall. For easy hanging, we suggest adding drill holes to your acrylic sign. You can also add them to your artwork and add a note to your order.

Contact us for other color or thickness options. 


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.118 Acrylic

The thinner option is the default thickness for most acrylic signage options. For almost all uses this thickness will be sufficient for acrylic signage offering durability. This materail does have some flexability at larger sizes. We do recommend for large print that the center will need additional support due to its likeness of bending.

ClearAcrylic 1

.177 Acrylic

The thicker option adds durability and rigiidty but is slighty more expensive. Our .177 Arylic can also be used to create an artistic 3D signage. This materail does also have some flexability at larger sizes. We do recommend for large print that the center will need additional support due to its likeness of bending.




Our white acrylic option is great for spaces with a busy background such as wallpaper, tile, or textured surfaces.  The most common uses for the white acrylic is backlit signage due to the solid background but the moderate transparency allowing only light to travel through. White can also be ordered cut only to create 3-dimensional signs or word/logo cutouts.

ClearAcrylic 1


Our clear acrylic is a perfect substitution for glass and is very durable. The clear material can be ordered "Cut Only " allowing you to add your custom cut decals or handwritten calligraphy. With the clear acrylic any graphic in the design that is white will be printed translucent.


Clear acrylic signs can be printed on the front or back of the surface offering different advantages. Printing on the front side is our standard option which adds a matte finish appearance. We can aso print on the backside allowing for the graphic to show through the clear acrylic. This allows for the clear acrylic to have a glossy surface that can be easily cleaned. Bright lights can sometimes cause a glare on the second surface printing option.




Available in .118 (3 mil) and .177 (4 mil)

Color Options

Available in Clear or White


Cut Contour, Double Sided Not Availible, Durable, Waterproof, White Ink NOT available (Clear Acrlyic will have a translucent apperance after printing)

Print Method

Digital Printed with UV Ink, Full Color, High Quality Print available if requested, White ink NOT available

Estimated Life Span

With proper placement, care, storage acrylic can last 5+ years

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