Pole Banners

Product Description

  • Pole Banners are offered in a variety of sizes and made with vinyl banner material. The banner material is durable for outdoor use and can withstand the elements. Your full-color custom design is printed on both sides of the banner material with UV ink and then finished with a pole pocket along the top and bottom. There are a wide range of display options with most popular being along street poles by city municipalities, schools and universities, HOAs or for holiday events.
  • Hardware for displaying the pole banners is NOT included.
  • Please note when submitting the graphics the pole pockets need to be 1 solid color and the front and back need to match. One pole pocket will overlap with the second side.


  • » Holiday Events
  • » Welcome to the City
  • » Parades
  • » Wayfinding
  • » Neighborhood HOAs


    • » Great use of vertical space
    • » Quick and Easy to Install
    • » Durable

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  • 15 oz. Blockout Banner Material

Size Options:

  • All banner sizes are the finished display size.

Finishing Details:

    • Pole Banners are finished using a hemming tape process.
    • Pole Pockets are added along the top and bottom of the banner.

Hardware for displaying the pole banners is NOT included.

  • View Banner material for custom sizes.
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