Happy Birthday Words

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Happy Birthday word cutouts are commonly used in lawns and roadsides to share a special message. Our Happy Birthday words are 12"H and range between 4'-5' in width and include H-frame stakes for displaying your signs. Our budget-friendly prices are designed to help you stretch your budget without cutting on the quality. These signs make for fun birthdays celebrations.  These signs can be set up quickly and easily.

4 mil corrugated plastic is a tough plastic rigid substrate that is great for outdoor use. It has flutes to give the material durability making it perfect when using wire stakes that run through the hollow areas of the flutes. Yard signs are weather and moisture resistant although we recommend removing them in extreme weather conditions including very windy conditions.

All of our yard signs are digitally printed directly to the material with UV ink. This method of printing offers great quality with no need for lamination or worrying about vinyl peel up. Our printing process allows for full-color printing with a fast turnaround at no additional charge. 


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  • » Versatile
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  • » Water-Resistant
  • » Durable
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